Goin’ Dry for Appearance Protection…Why It’s a Smart Move

Goin’ Dry for Appearance Protection…Why It’s a Smart Move

As more dealerships move to preloaded appearance protections, the question on everyone’s mind is ‘do we go wet or dry?’ It’s a matter of profit and when looking to add as much profit as you can during these difficult times, the answer is sort of a no-brainer.

First, the difference between the two…’wet’ coverage involves an actual chemical application at the lot. ‘Dry’ means exactly that…no chemical included and yet the car still gets the benefit of the protection coverage against an array of interior/exterior damage.

Dry protection benefits the dealership in a number of ways:

  • High profit – No labor cost to apply chemical and well, no chemical at all means a higher consistent profit for every car. 100 cars on the lot at a net of $200 per unit and your store has a nice little bump to monthly revenue.
  • Upsell Opportunity – Offering a base 12/12k included as a Line 1 preload gives your F&I staff an easy upsell opportunity to push that out to 24 or 36k for customers looking to protect the appearance longer.

Skilled F&I managers will also take that ‘dry’ preloaded protection and seamlessly use that to sell other ancillary appearance protections as part of a bundle. Allow protection, key replacement, PDR, etc. can all be lumped in with a ‘dry’ appearance package.

  • Remote Addition – Make sure your aftermarket administrator offers a remote addition of this protection plan through your DMS. With no chemical to order or costly labor to apply, the coverage itself becomes the focus and it’s as simple as flipping a switch in your system to create the addendum for the window. 

Car buyers are keeping their cars longer than ever…an average of 11 years. Lease customers are always looking for ways to keep their cars protected from high recon fees at turn-in. Today’s busy families are going to be taking more road trips and needing an extra level of protection inside the car. See where we are going with this? 

‘Dry’ preloaded appearance protection by ExoGloss offers a simple and fast way to increase Line 1 profits while keeping dealer cost crazy low. Click here and let us show you the advantage of going ‘dry’ today.

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