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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions and resources applicable to our programs.

Is ExoGloss a dry or wet program?

Your dealerships can Go Dry or Stay Wet—doesn’t matter to us. The coverages are exactly the same, and we only charge shipping & handling on chemistry if you choose Wet.  You can Go Dry or Stay Wet on a dealership-by-dealership basis.

What does dry or wet mean?

If you Stay Wet, it means you’re going to use chemicals to protect the paint and/or interior.  If you Go Dry, it means you’re going to provide the exact same coverage to your customers in the event of a claim—but that nothing was applied to protect your vehicles’ paint or interior. The ExoGloss warranty costs the same whether you Stay Wet or Go Dry.

Isn’t it harder to fix stains and nicks on a dry program, since there’s no chemistry being applied?

The answer depends on how long it’s been since the chemistry was applied. All chemistries wash or wear off eventually, long before the 7-year warranty is up. Also, modern techniques for repairs of stains/nicks work very well, whether any protective chemistry was applied or not. The short answer is “No”.

What’s the benefit of separating the warranty from the chemistry?

Name-brand chemistry companies typically charge about $35 more for their warranty/claims adjudication/technology. For example, one name brand charges their agents $72 as a walkaway agent cost, but only charges $35 for the same chemistry by itself.  We are essentially arbitraging this difference, and passing the flexibility on to you.

How can ExoGloss cost less than traditional paint and fabric programs?

All we do is warranty and contract administration-that’s it. We have it down to a science, and our overhead is low.

Is ExoGloss available in all 50 states as a hybrid dry-wet warranty?

Yes.  It’s also non-cancellable in 48 states.

How long do paint chemistries typically stay on a vehicle after they’ve been applied at a dealership?

It depends on the brand & type of chemistry.  In general, anything that’s quick to put on is quick to wear off.  Easy come, easy go.

How long has ExoGloss been around?

ExoGloss’s birthday is May 1, 2020.  The administrator behind ExoGloss was founded on Groundhog Day, 2008.

Is ExoGloss compliant?

Yes, everything we offer has been reviewed by the compliance department at our A- rated insurance underwriter.

Why hasn’t anyone done this before? What’s different now?

Sometimes the best ideas are the ones right in front of you.  Nothing’s really different.  It’s just that no one has quite taken this approach before.

How much time will my detailers save if I choose to Go Dry?

It depends on which paint & fabric chemistry you’re currently applying.  Some brands take 30 minutes or more to apply on each vehicle.

Won’t consumers be reluctant to pay for an appearance program that doesn’t apply chemistry?

This is a little like asking whether consumers are reluctant to pay for a vehicle service contract that doesn’t apply an engine additive.  What matters to many people is knowing that if there’s a problem, it will be resolved.

How does my F&I Department benefit?

There are several ways.  In particular, the addition of a 12 month ExoPreload makes the appearance conversation easier for F&I managers to up-sell to a full 7 year program.