Crazy As It May Sound, Some May Say NO to Antimicrobial Protection. Here’s How to Handle It.

Crazy As It May Sound, Some May Say NO to Antimicrobial Protection. Here’s How to Handle It.

We are months into the COVID-19 pandemic and while there are signs of life throughout the economy, everyone agrees that the car industry has some recovery still left ahead of it. As part of the dealership shift in how they do business, one step most have embraced is the application and offering of antimicrobial treatments on every car sold. It’s something most shoppers expect now and they should. 

It’s our new normal as they say.

So what happens when you have a buyer tell you they are NOT paying for the treatment? Seems crazy, right? Who would not want the interior of their car protected against viruses? Who wants to roll the dice??


  1. ‘I don’t need it. I don’t get sick’  – We all get sick. Tactfully remind the buyer that COVID is an airborne virus and can not only live on some surfaces for many hours but there is a chance it can be recirculated through the air conditioning system. It’s not about invalidating their opinions as much as it is about making sure they understand how this treatment protects them.
  1. ‘I can do it myself’ – Wiping down the dashboard with Clorox wipes is not the same. Antimicrobial treatments last for a much longer time and have a reach throughout the interior where people would not think to wipe down. Focus on the depth of protection.
  1. ‘It’s too expensive’ – Assuming your store is charging for the service, simply remind the buyer how long the protection lasts and peace of mind that the entire interior is protected, not just the steering wheel or high-touch surfaces. And if your margins allow, you could always offer it at no cost if you don’t already. A goodwill gesture makes it hard ro refuse.

Antimicrobial protection is not going away any time soon nor is the coronavirus. No matter where you fall on the debate over potential vaccines and their timeline, it’s important to offer an antimicrobial package nonetheless. And be ready for the few that will push back.

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