A Preloaded Bundle for Both Health & Appearance…WIn-Win.

A Preloaded Bundle for Both Health & Appearance…WIn-Win.

There’s a lot of positive buzz in the market about bunding F&I products for max penetration and profit. It’s easier, it makes sense to the customer, and it can be valuable from an appearance and trade-in value perspective. Win-win.

But how could a dealer get a bit creative with a bundled product offering? How could F&I leverage two protections that don’t seem, on the surface, to fit every well?

One such combination could be adding the very popular (and extremely relevant) anti-microbial protection WITH the interior appearance protection. Seem crazy?


Here’s why…your F&I staff can leverage this as an ‘all-in-one’ interior protection or ‘max protection’…something that sounds cool like that. Give the buyers a sense that your store is offering something no other stores in the local market offer…a protection package that looks out for your health while making sure the interior of your car stays in the best shape possible. 

The two really are complimentary protections when you think about it. One keeps the interior hard surfaces as hostile to viruses (including the coronavirus) and the other keeps the soft surfaces looking good through years of commuting, weekend getaways, and runs to soccer practice. 

Leveraging this with your customer should be easy. Let’s take a look at a couple of ways to do this…

Brand it to your store for marketing purposes so they know ‘Max Interior Protection Package’ is something only YOUR store offers. It’s your name on it and it’s your reputation that backs it up. Every customer wants something exclusive. Give it to them.

Train your staff well on how to position this as a line 1 preload. It’s easier if the customer sees that it’s already included (and properly disclosed) in the price of the car. No hassling in F&I, no negotiating, no wasted time. It’s there and every customer gets it. Of course, if they push back, deduct it in the interest of goodwill but if the salespeople are trained to ‘sell’ it, this should not happen often. 

Click here to see how ExoPreload can be tailored to the perfect complimentary interior + antimicrobial package. It’s what we do…

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