Antimicrobial Treatments Should Not Scare Buyers

Antimicrobial Treatments Should Not Scare Buyers

Fear. There is a lot of it out there these days. 2020 doesn’t seem to be letting up when it comes to the pandemic and you can’ turn on the TV or open your social feeds without getting headline and headline about the world turning upside between COVID-19 and the current political climate. 

Everyone is dealing with some kind of anxiety, right? 

As dealers adjust to the pandemic that seems to be coming back around with higher case numbers, many are maintaining their focus on offering antimicrobial treatments either as standard offerings or as a low-cost add-on.

That’s important for public health, of course, but how to continue to promote this important health protection service without scaring your local car buyers? Is there a way to send the message of how important antimicrobial still is without being ‘Chicken Little’ and screaming that the sky is falling?

Yes. You just have to be a little creative, that’s all.

  • Temper ‘fear-based’ language in your marketing outreach. Change out words like ‘pandemic’ or ‘illness’ for more neutral words like ‘protection’ or ‘prevention’. Words matter, especially now.
  • Know that you will have buyers who do not believe the virus is as serious as the doctors and media have made it out to be. Adjust your explanation of the treatment (whether you charge for it or offer it for a nominal fee) to allow for that level of skepticism. Simply explain that your store believes in doing its part to keep every customer safe whether it’s from COVID-19 or the seasonal flu. Educate them on exactly what it is designed to do.
  • Don’t push back if buyers don’t want the treatment as a result of not believing in the seriousness of the pandemic. Understand that some will decline for their own personal reasons and simply move on. Don’t give the optics to the local market that you are forcing anyone to take the protection and offer an easy opt-out. 

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