Why Go ‘Wet’ for Appearance Protection, Anyway?

Why Go ‘Wet’ for Appearance Protection, Anyway?

When it comes to the ‘wet vs. dry’ debate for your ancillary appearance protection, some question why a dealer would want to even bother with a wet application. Good question but no easy answer.

But first, a quick explanation of the difference between wet and dry applications for those who may not be aware…

Wet applications for appearance protections (interior/exterior) use actual chemicals in the process. Personnel in the service department are supplied with the chemical used and apply as soon as the unit hits the lot, usually right after the cars or off-loaded from the truck and the plastic film removed. A skilled tech can apply it within 30 minutes or less.

Dry application is just that…dry. No chemical. No physical application to the vehicle at all. The theory here is that the factory already includes a level of appearance protection and with the right ancillary protection administered through an F&I provider, the buyer has a warranty against any interior/exterior issues at minimal cost to the dealer.

So why would a dealer insist on a ‘wet’ application? 

Habit – Some dealers use chemicals in their appearance packages simply out of habit. It’s what they have always done and they see no need to change now. And many dealers may have no idea dry application protection even exists.

Perception – For some dealers, there is a perception that unless you are physically adding the chemical to the car, it doesn’t really have the protection for the buyer that they are claiming it had. They feel like if it’s tangible, it’s easier to sell.

Trust – Even though the OE’s include a level of appearance protection, many dealers may feel it’s not adequate enough and feel better offering the extra level of chemical protection that a wet application offers. 

All of these are fair reasons to offer a wet application. Just keep in mind there are real benefits to going ‘dry’ like higher margins and lower labor cost to have someone handle the chemical for hundreds of cars each month. 

However, your store handles their appearance packages, reach out to us at ExoGloss to see how easy it is to choose either wet or dry. Preference be damned…we’re here to help make it easy.

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