Solving a Big Claims Headache Just Got Easier

Solving a Big Claims Headache Just Got Easier

What if there were a single-point platform where your customers could go to handle all of their F&I claims? Sounds crazy, right? Not really.

In the current state of F&I now, your department could have 8-12 different products on an already bloated menu to present to customers. It’s almost too much for most buyers and what’s worse is that claims for each of these products are usually central to each product and company offering them.

VSC claims with their TPA, PDR/Tire & Wheel/PPM with another and so on. A customer who has multiple claims with the products they purchased has to deal with several different claims administrators. 

Sound fun? A giant headache is more like it.

How does a dealership fix this crowded and cumbersome claims process and still manage to keep them happy about their decision to purchase the products to begin with?

Choose an administrator who can make it easy with a single, unified claims portal.

TruWarranty has partnered with YDE (Your Dealer Experience) to be that one-stop-shop platform for your F&I department AND your customers to be able to effectively manage claims and not have to spend all day calling 3 or 4 different TPA’s just to submit claims.

Your existing relationships with F&I providers stays intact but not YDE can help your customers log into one app and have direct access to claims filings and status in the simplest way possible. 

Dealers win because their F&I managers also enjoy an easier process to help submit for a claim or inquire about the status of one. They can still work with their favorite suppliers and hang on to those relationships but with better efficiencies behind the scenes.

Customers win because they are not spending too much time tracking down the TPA’s for a claims submission and with the ease of an app to check in, the whole process becomes much easier.

Click here to learn more about the advantages of using YDE provided by TruWarranty. And be forewarned…we might just end up being YOUR preferred F&I provider for all of your products.

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