Why It’s Time to Go ‘Dry’ for Appearance Protection…Rethinking It Is the Key

Why It’s Time to Go ‘Dry’ for Appearance Protection…Rethinking It Is the Key

Dealers have a habit of being stuck in one way of doing things and reluctant to try something new, even if it helps them make more money. Sales methods, advertising strategies, training, and even how products are presented in the F&I office. Not to say that some dealers aren’t trying to blaze a new path in retailing cars but there are some that need a nudge to bring them into the 21st century.


Take ancillary appearance protection. For decades dealers applied chemistry to the exterior and interior of all new cars sold and sold that protection through the F&I office (‘rust and dust’ back in the day’) as a product on the menu presented after the sale. For many dealers, this is still offered this way. But is it the most efficient and profitable way to offer it?


The debate becomes whether you offer protection ‘wet’ or ‘dry’. Simply put, wet is applying chemical and dry is forgoing any chemical and simply wrapping a warranty around what the factory already applies before the car gets to the lot. One is tangible and the other is not.


The Problem…


Some dealers still hold on to the notion that you cannot charge for warranty protection for something intangible…something you did not physically apply to the car. It may seem shady or unethical. 


But how is it any different than adding a 100k powertrain limited warranty to a car? You don’t add anything to the car in that case? You simply make a bet that there won’t be any issues with the engine but if there is, it’s covered. Everyone wins…your service lane gets reimbursed for the repair, the customer pays nothing to get back on the road. Win-win. 


How is dry appearance protection any different? It’s not.


The Answer…


Dry protection saves time and money. No labor cost to have someone at the dealership apply the chemistry (and potentially mess it up). No time wasted allowing for it to dry, potentially delaying the car getting to the front line for customers to see and test drive. Extra profit comes with both of these factors being taken away. The warranty can be sold for a reasonable amount and preloaded on Line 1 making it an even easier product for your customers to say yes to.


After all, show us the customer that DOESN’T want their car or truck to look amazing for years to come? And to offer 7 years of protection against tree sap, bird waste, road salt, and interior spills…yeah, they will be happy to pay for it.


But that only becomes easier for the dealer when they don’t have to worry about chemical application eating into that profit. It’s all about the PROTECTION, not the chemical. Just like the powertrain warranty.


Go ‘dry’ and you’ll never go back.


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