How Much Extra Profit Is There with Appearance & Car Washes? A lot

How Much Extra Profit Is There with Appearance & Car Washes? A lot

We recently introduced the ExoGloss Car Wash program and it’s unique value proposition is easy to see when you think about the average costs for a dealership to sell interior/exterior protection. The margins are tight due to labor and chemical cost and often it’s a struggle for the F&I staff to drive home the point that this protection has value beyond just making the paint look shiny.

Adding the car washes to their package adds even more exterior protection and helps maintain the warranty through regular washings to handle the daily environmental hazards from ruining the paint.

A Closer Look at How Much You Can Save (and Make) with Bundled Appearance Protection… 

Let’s take a look at the numbers, shall we? The old saying ‘numbers don’t lie’ rings true here as we look at the savings for your dealership by bundling a lower margin, comprehensive interior/exterior appearance plan with a car wash add-on.

Here is a quick look at the real-world savings and profit you could be missing out on…

Your Dealership sells 100 new units per month.

The current penetration rate on the appearance packages sold through F&I are coming in at 15% average per month

Replacing your current appearance program will result in a savings of at least $600+ per month based on the industry average cost of chemicals.

Going ‘dry’ (no chemical and just adding the warranty protection) can save over $1000 per month from not having to pay the average hourly wage for a tech that has to apply the chemical.

Your dealership offers the ‘dry’ appearance protection program plus 5 years worth of month car washes on EVERY vehicle as a Line 1 preload. Now your store adds over $31390 in additional monthly revenue.  

See how that math works in your favor every month? Pretty sweet, huh?

Click here to get more information about how ExoGloss Car Wash can help add more profit to your dealership when it needs it the most. What could your store do with all that extra cash?

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