The Little Known (But Powerful) Benefit of A ‘Dry’ Appearance Preloaded Bundle

The Little Known (But Powerful) Benefit of A ‘Dry’ Appearance Preloaded Bundle

Bundling your appearance ancillaries with a ‘dry’ application process has been proven to be an easy way to help increase the profit margins within F&I. And after the last 12 months of less-than-stellar profits industry-wide, any extra profits are a welcome sight.

Dry protection seems like a misnomer…your store doesn’t actually apply any chemical…it simply offers warranty protection for the interior/exterior for any issues that arise within the term. There is no chemical application at all but the protection for the customer is still there as though it were.

A ‘dry’ preloaded ancillary program delivers extra profits in two ways, one much more obvious than the other.

The first is the savings from not having to buy the chemical. Your store saves right away from not having to worry about buying it at the best price to help preserve your margins (of which there is usually so little on appearance ancillaries anyway). Like we said, pretty obvious.

But the real savings that most dealerships don’t consider is the labor cost to apply the chemical.

Think about it…how much do you pay for a tech to apply chemical to the interior and exterior of cars delivered with this protection? If he/she is paid hourly at $12 and works for at least 30 hours a week to apply this protection, your store is out $1440 per month gross.

So, if there is NO chemical to be applied and the customers still benefit from the same years-long protection, you don’t need to pay that $1440 per month in labor costs. Not a cent.

Beyond just the labor cost is the time it takes to train this tech to do the application correctly every time. How much is THAT time worth to your staff? No one wastes their time training for this service and now that energy can be spent elsewhere.

Click here to see how ExoGloss can make this ‘dry’ appearance package a standard part of your sales offering and save you a ton in labor costs along the way. We are pretty good at showing you how to save a lot of headache while making a PILE of extra F&I profit.

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