3 Ways to Counter the Preloaded Bundle Objections

3 Ways to Counter the Preloaded Bundle Objections

Countering objections is always front-and-center with salespeople and F&I in every dealership. Buyers will find something to complain about or pushback on all the time. You can count on it.

When it comes to preloaded bundles or ancillaries, the objections can come hard & fast. After all, people don’t like to see things arbitrarily added to the sales price.

But preloaded ancillaries really DO have their place in today’s car selling cycle. We’ve talked a lot about the benefits to the dealership of having preloaded bundles (penetration levels rise, profits increase, etc), but we have not looked at what it takes to overcome the objections raised by the customers.

  • ‘Too expensive’ – Well, this one should be easy. Simply remind the customer that the protections, when sold separately, would total much more than that preloaded amount AND that the cost to replace a remote key fob or fix that tear in the front seat is more expensive than the coverage they pay for now.
  • “It will raise my payment’ – Then pay for it out of pocket if you are able. But if it’s financed over 60 or 72 months, that $395 barely moves the payment by mere pennies. But fixing a rim? More than a few pennies, that’s for sure.
  • “Don’t need it. I’ll pay for those damages if they happen” – Be ready with real RO’s to show the amount to fix that paint job and simply ask if they are aware of how much it costs? Remember, seeing is believing….or in this case, convincing.

Preloading ancillaries is a great way to help instill trust in your customers if you position it right from the start. Remember to brand the package to your dealership name, make it a BIG deal that you offer this bundle on every car, and be prepared to show the buyer how this insulates them from high cost of cosmetic repairs while they are making a high monthly payment.

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