Sometimes F&I Success Goes Beyond the Menu

Sometimes F&I Success Goes Beyond the Menu

Menus made the F&I experience more streamlined back in the day. It was a quick way of showing the customer every product available to them and even today, there are ways for them to simply check a box next to their choices. For some, there is little real engagement depending on how busy the F&I department is.

Let’s look at a few quick reminders of how F&I can leverage menus without losing its human connection during the sale…

  • Tell, don’t sell: The menu program doesn’t and should not replace good old-fashioned storytelling techniques. Paint the customer a picture of how and why the product is important. How will it protect their investment? How will it help to keep their family safe or help get the car back on the road? The selling will take care of itself if you have mastered this and the menu will simply be a fast way to get them to commit.
  • They Are Just Like You: It’s easy to get caught up in the same routine of loading the deal, presenting the menu options, getting signatures, and sending the customer on their way. But don’t forget to take the time to get to know the customer. Empathize with whatever situation may have brought them into the dealership to buy a car.

If you come across as truly interested in them and helping them choose the products they need the most, it makes everything easier. Pointing at a screen without making a real connection can impact your CSI and make you appear disinterested.

  • Menu is for the Buyer:  After getting to know a little about the customers, make it clear that the menu is there for THEM, not you. If presented as a tool to help them choose the products they want or don’t want, it can be less intimidating, and they are more likely to pick a few that they see a need for. It’s all about their choice.


Menus serve a dual-fold purpose in the F&I office…to help sell products and to help maintain regulatory compliance. Keep in mind that while it can help streamline the process and improve customer engagement, it’s no substitute for a real human touch and solid selling skills in F&I.

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