Another Reason to Go ‘Dry’ with Appearance Protection

Another Reason to Go ‘Dry’ with Appearance Protection

‘Dry’ vs ‘Wet’ appearance packages have been written about a lot lately but there is another compelling reason for going Dry and it’s one that you may not have thought of.

Dry application is just that…no actual chemical is applied but the customer gets the benefit of the protections just as if you did apply chemical. It’s all about the warrantied protection to help make the customer feel confident that if something did go wrong, it’s covered.

Dry packages eliminate excess labor costs and the time it takes to apply chemical of course. But it also helps eliminate something else. 

User error.

If your aftermarket staff is applying chemical and messes it up, how much would THAT cost to repair? If they are not trained properly to add it or are not careful when following the manufacturers instructions, how much money and time will your dealership absorb to fix the error?

Dry application is easier and your store doesn’t have to worry about negligent or lazy staff who may not be skilled enough to apply chemicals. It’s all about the protection for your customers without any of the aggravation of poorly trained staff costing you more.

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