Why Alloy Wheels Should be Protected.

Why Alloy Wheels Should be Protected.

Alloy wheel protection comes under a lot of fire in F&I. Some customers will insist that their car insurance will handle the damage. Still others will say it’s just not needed, that alloy wheels don’t scuff or scrape that badly.

Some just don’t want to buy ANY extra protection. Fair point.

So, what is the best way to overcome those objections to allow wheel protection? Is it that easy or does it require a little more creativity?

First, it’s important to remember that buyers often will confuse Tire & Wheel for Cosmetic Alloy Protection. They are different and F&I knows it but your buyers may not. After all, everything they know about it probably came from some angry blogger telling them NOT to buy it.

How to handle some common objections to Alloy Wheel protection – 

  • Always ask (if you can) where they got their information on it. If it was from the angry Internet, be sure to review the actual paperwork you have from your administrator that is designed to explain the protection and how it helps.
  • If they say their car insurance ‘covers it’, ask them what the deductible is for this protection. Why? Because YOURS likely doesn’t have a deductible which makes it easier to get the rim fixed or repaired. Chances are their policy does not cover that anyway but often shining a light on the no deductible piece can help them be more confident about buying the coverage from you.
  • If they balk at the cost, chances are you have it priced too high. One way around that is to include it as part of a bundle with interior/exterior, PDR, windshield, etc. If they don;t see the individual cost and rather a reasonable bundle cost for 5-6 different protections, the cost issue shouldn’t factor in. 
  • Lastly, if you hear that it doesn’t matter and why spend the money on it, ask them how long they plan on driving the car. If they say a couple of years, remind them that when they trade the car in, scraped or pitted alloys WILL factor into the trade-in value they get towards that new car they want. This protection helps them guard against damaged wheels and helps they get the most they can in trade.

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