Tips to Successfully Selling Boomers in F&I

Tips to Successfully Selling Boomers in F&I

There have been many articles on how to sell to Gen Z or the Millennials in F&I but it’s just as important to know how to sell to the second-biggest group of car buyers…the Baby Boomers.

Widely looked at as the generation born between 1945-1964, they are still a strong car buying generation that has ample resources and credit to buy vehicles as well as the experience of decades of prior car purchases to draw from. 

Let’s take a look at some ways your F&I staff can better connect with the Boomers and deliver an experience that will defy their expectations…

Take the Time to Connect

Boomers remember a world not so long ago when people weren’t constantly looking at their phones and avoiding even the most basic human interaction. 

Boomers believe in brand loyalty and if they feel your F&I staff went out of their way to make those important connections and get to know them, it will pay dividends in high CSI and higher PRU. 

Pay Attention to What THEY Want  

Ask plenty of questions (as you would any buyer) with regard to whether or not they are still working, how much driving they think they will do in the coming years, do they have resources available to handle maintenance and unexpected repairs, etc.  If they are on a fixed income, the strategy should shift accordingly. 

 They Value Professionalism

Boomers don’t come from the uber-casual business environment that their Gen X or Millennial counterparts have grown up with. Be sure that your F&I managers are professional in both their dress and demeanor when selling to the Boomer customer. They expect a level of maturity and professionalism that some dealers may be lacking.

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