Don’t Let Buyers Carve Up the Preloaded Bundle

Don’t Let Buyers Carve Up the Preloaded Bundle

Preloaded bundles can be met with either relief that all these great ancillary protections are already included, reducing the time they buyer has to be ‘sold’ them in F&I or….they will hate it and find some way to ask for the whole bundle to be excluded from the Buyer’s Order. Some may even ask for one or two protections in the bundle to be removed.

Why would a customer ask for something to be taken out individually? Usually it’s either to reduce the price of the bundle or if they feel they already have that protection through something like AAA or their primary car insurance.

Either way, you want to preserve the bundle as it is because it’s likely made up of complementary protections (usually appearance related like our ExoBundle) and the margins are already so favorable that it makes no sense to carve it up.

There are a few ways to convince the customer to keep the bundle intact while not making it an adversarial situation in F&I.

  • Make sure the salespeople understand how to ‘sell’ it upfront when the car is chosen. If they fully describe the protections included and how important they are for their peace of mind and for their future trade-in value, the nominal cost added to the buyers order should be no issue.
  • If F&I is asked to take out specific protections, have detailed info on each one at the ready to explain the value and the cost to NOT have it in place.
  • Be ready to justify the cost of the bundle and explain that taking out something small like alloy wheel protection may only reduce the bundle a few dollars at most. Make it seem like it’s just easier to keep everything together than quibble over a few dollars.

Dealerships that offer preloaded appearance bundles have great success in making sure it’s ‘sold’ right during the walkaround and having it privately labelled as well makes for a strong ‘why buy here’ value proposition for the dealer in their local market. 

And if it’s priced right, finance customers should see little change on their payment anyway. Worse case, explain that the bundle must stay intact for ‘compliance’ reasons. It’s true…from a certain point of view. It could be YOUR dealership compliance.

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