Tips to Handle the Appearance Upsell – Easier Than You Think

Tips to Handle the Appearance Upsell – Easier Than You Think

Some buyers will insist on keeping whatever ‘included’ protections the car has in place at the time of sale and won’t consider any upsells. It’s like they have a radar for upsells and they sense it coming.

If your dealership is offering a 12/12k interior/exterior appearance package as a standard free offering, upsells are critical to getting the PVR bump and higher penetration numbers. But how do you bump out to 6-7 years?

It’s not impossible but it does take some skillful selling on the part of the F&I staff.

  • Ask the right questions. If the buyers have kids, do they take many road trips with the family altogether? Do they run the kiddos to sports or cart around their friends? If so, their interior could suffer for it for much longer than just 12 months.
  • Have actual RO’s showing how much interior and exterior repairs costs in both materials and labor costs. Show-and-tell is always a powerful closing tool. When buyers see how much they will have to pay, they should be primed to push the coverage out.
  • If they are financing for 5-6 years (standard these days), then you have the chance to upsell based on the time they will be paying on the car. Spend a little now to save having to come out of pocket while making a huge monthly payment.

Upsells should be easy if the protection is priced reasonably. Make it make sense from a financial perspective and they should see that the ‘free’ 12 months/12k coverage will go by faster than they think.

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