Creative Ways to Use Your ‘Dry’ Application Savings

Creative Ways to Use Your ‘Dry’ Application Savings

Going ‘dry’ with your appearance protection bundle can have many advantages…we’ve spent a lot of time detailing that for dealerships that may have never thought about it. No application of actual chemistry as an F&I solution does one BIG thing for your dealership…it frees up money.

That may sound rather simplistic but it’s true. If your store doesn’t have to pay staff to apply the chemistry to every unit, that saves money. Less time is taken up with wet application means that now staff can be directed to other tasks within the dealership and that, too, saves money.

So the next question for your store is….where can that savings be applied within your dealership? 

Here’s a few creative ways you can use that extra savings – 

  • Marketing – Add content to your site or pay for a website overhaul if it’s outdated. Pay for extra SEO if you’re not already or consider having a writer or agency on retainer to handle updates to your website. Or give your in-house marketing manager a bonus. 
  • Service Upgrades – Every service lane could use new equipment…lifts, diagnostic machines, even updated ventilation systems. Savings from dry applications can help update critical service bay equipment that helps increase efficiency and keeps the techs happy.
  • More Training – Every dealership benefits from ongoing training and the savings from dry application can help make sure the staff, sales and F&I, are up to speed on all the latest techniques and compliance regulations. 
  • Employee Appreciation – Even if the overall dollar amount of savings isn’t THAT large, why not save it for a monthly or quarterly employee celebration…something that every staff member can enjoy? Team building events can be done on days off or after hours. Gestures like that go a long way to garnering loyalty and reducing turnover in an industry where it’s common.

The money saved from not having to pay staff to apply the chemistry can be significant. Dealers are always looking to save money especially now with the market struggling to recover. Don’t let those extra dollars sit idle…think of creative ways to have that money build a better store for you and your staff.

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