Preloaded Appearance Secret Weapon? Add Car Washes.

Preloaded Appearance Secret Weapon? Add Car Washes.

Dealerships that preload appearance ancillaries have to strike the right balance between offering something that the customer will see value in and pricing it right to help maintain a consistent profit each month. We know some will be easier to sell than others but there is one that could be well positioned now even with the current inventory shortage.

Appearance + car washes.

Yes, you read that right. Adding the car washes as a package with interior/exterior is the perfect complimentary offering for every customer. As buyers are having to view today’s purchase as a ‘stop-gap’ or placeholder vehicle until the one they want comes in, your F&I and sales department can make sure they have the vehicle in prime cosmetic shape for the inevitable trade-in. If it comes back ‘frontline-ready’, even better for you.

ExoGloss Car Wash offers the perfect one-two-punch for every dealership to not only add valuable PVR but be able to offer their customers an easy way to keep their vehicles in good shape. 

Your buyers will get one car wash per month for up to 5 years with interior/exterior protection added in. It’s all tracked automatically, app enabled, and guides them to the nearest facility. And as with everything here at ExoGloss, you can white label the program to your dealership brand. 

With training and marketing support, your dealership can roll out a strong ‘why buy here’ value proposition that can help your store stand out from the rest in your market. CSI will strengthen and local buyers will know you are trying to make it as easy as possible to help them keep their car ready when they bring it back to you for trade-in.

Preloading the package makes it easy for every buyer to say yes and if you offer ‘dry’ protection, even better. Less labor time for application and chemical, and more profit back in your dealership. Win-win.

Click here to learn more about how ExoGloss Car Wash can be a valuable add-on to your appearance protection package. Preload it and profit.

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