Your Appearance Ancillary Secret Weapon…Adding Car Washes.

Your Appearance Ancillary Secret Weapon…Adding Car Washes.

Want to know more about how to leverage a Car Wash component to your appearance offerings?

Here are the details on the ExoGloss Car Wash program, powered by TruWarranty.


  • Your buyers purchase ExoGloss Car Wash coverage for up to 5 years which helps create extra income for your dealership.
  • It becomes an easy upsell to your existing appearance ancillaries like interior/exterior and others.
  • Your buyers download the dealer-branded mobile app which guides them to the closest participating car wash facility in our network.
  • They get one car wash per month for up to 5 years, which is tracked automatically coupled with the industry’s best appearance protection package.
  • Your dealership doesn’t have to worry about paying your staff to apply traditional chemicals for appearance protection either (saves time and a lot of money).
  • Your local car wash facilities gain more traffic, too….everyone wins!
  • Including the Car Wash add-on makes it the easiest upsell for buyers that want the exterior protection with the added benefit of regular car washes to insure their vehicle looks amazing for potential trade-in down the road.

ExoGloss Car Wash can become that easy extra stream of profit in F&I that buyers will appreciate. Their cost is less than running through the car wash themselves and it helps them keep the car looking great if a trade-in appraisal is in their future.

Click here to learn more about how ExoGloss Car Wash can be added to your ancillary menu today.

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