Saving Money is Not Enough. Now Save Time with ExoGloss.

Saving Money is Not Enough. Now Save Time with ExoGloss.

We’ve talked a lot about how going ‘dry’ with your interior/exterior protection packages are designed to save money at your dealership. Dry coverage doesn’t include any application of chemistry and simply provides the valuable protection buyers need if something goes wrong cosmetically with their purchase. They get the protection they want which is really all that matters to them.

No chemistry means saving money on the labor involved in having staff apply it to each vehicle in inventory. But beyond the dollars-and-cents, there is another benefit to going dry that many dealers don’t realize…how it saves time. Moreover, how that time savings can have a cascading positive effect on your dealership in other areas.

Saving time means:

  • Staff that usually are tasked with applying appearance chemistry can now be diverted to other areas of the dealership where they are needed (inventory check-in, cleaning the lot, etc).
  • They can be cross-trained in other critical functions around the dealership.
  • Reconditioning can be handled faster since there is no need to take the unit in for chemical application. Cars can be made front-line ready faster.
  • More time can be spent supporting other departments like the service lane (shuttling cars in and out of the shop).
  • Less staff needed if no chemistry applied…better personnel decisions. Hiring can focus on other needs in other areas of operations if you don’t need a dedicated appearance tech.

With dealerships suffering another tough sales year due to the chip shortage, saving time becomes just as important as saving money. Being able to shift personnel into different roles helps operations function smoothly and helps add to the bottom line.

Click here to learn more about how your dealership can offer ‘dry’ appearance protections that give your customer what they want (peace of mind) and your dealership what it needs (higher profits and the right people in the right role). ExoGloss is here to help every dealer, big or small, with a simply better way to help you help your customers.

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